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An average American breakfast includes eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, oatmeal, cereal or toast, and milk or juice to make it a good start to the day. Breakfast is probably the most delicious meal of the entire day and almost no second thought is given to that! People around the world in many different cities, countries and regions have very different breakfast menus. Some of them are quite simple while others include things like fruit and yogurt. In this article I am going to give you a short guide on how to make your own perfect American breakfast.

You can make an excellent, filling, traditional american breakfast with a buffet breakfasts menu such as ham and cheese, hash browns with maple syrup, fruit, cereal with cinnamon, or breakfast porridge. Many places in the US serve fried foods like bacon & eggs, hash browns with tomato sauce, or oatmeal and porridge. I think black pudding is a great choice for an American breakfast, served with apple sauce and dried cranberries.

Many places serve waffles as an option for their breakfast cereals. They usually have strawberry shortcake and coffee flavored waffles. If you are not a big fan of coffee you can still serve waffles with cream cheese on top for an extra dessert. You can make your waffle sandwich with oatmeal, rolled cereal, strawberries, and cream.

If you like to serve hearty American fare, then a full English breakfast is perfect for you. A full English breakfast consists of turkey, hash browns, toast, fresh fruit, eggs, fresh and spicy fruit sauces, and a glass of skim milk or juice. The words full English breakfast sounds like it would be too much food, but it really isn’t. There is typically a large amount of fruit in an English breakfast, along with the traditional English muffin, and eggs. In addition to all of the standard breakfast food items, you can also include things like rice, beans, and cheese in your full English breakfast.

In addition to the standard breakfast food items, many places now serve a lunch buffet during the weekday lunch hour. This is a smaller version of the full English breakfast with less food and usually just sandwiches, soups, pastas, and juice. It is a nice change from the full English muffins and hotcakes that are typically served during the evening. Lunch buffets can also contain chicken, rice, and even a small kid sized meal. The options are endless when it comes to the type of meal you can get at a lunch buffet.

Finally, if you are looking to get your children involved with your morning habits, why not let them help you choose the breakfast food items. Kids these days love anything that is covered in cheese, so now you can let them choose ham as their sandwich of choice. They can also help to decide what type of ham they want to eat by choosing between different styles such as pepper jack or cheddar. A great idea for the older kids would be to let them serve themselves and pick out the best parts. You will be surprised at how much their eyes light up when you serve up something new to them in the morning.

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