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American Airlines, Incorporated is a premier American international airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. It is today the world’s second largest airline when considered by total passenger capacity, scheduled total passenger weight, and total revenue passenger dollar. In fact, it has surpassed United Airlines for largest daily flight schedule. Among other services, this airline offers a wide variety of nonstop destinations in over 120 countries. It serves all major airports worldwide and was rated as the most valuable carrier of all airlines by Travel & Leisure.

The company has been able to maintain its consistent and growing growth because of several factors. For one, its fleet is very efficient because of the aircraft with more safety features and advanced technologies. This allows for an enhanced safety and security for the customers and employees. Another factor that contributes to its consistent growth and success is its continued expansion of destinations and its alliance with other carriers including Continental Airlines and US Airways. American Airlines has also established partnership with other Airlines in order to expand into new areas such as the Asia-Pacific.

Besides being one of the most reputable airlines in the world, another great aadvantage of American Airlines is its frequent flyer program. This program gives frequent fliers discount fares and free tickets. Additionally, this program helps frequent fliers save money by providing great value travel discounts. Other benefits provided by this airline are its award miles programs, including American Airlines’ Air Cards, American Express Platinum Card, Prestige Card, Delta Reserve card, Air Miles and JetBlue card.

American Airlines also offers several other privileges to its customers. Its Diamond Select program provides customers special benefits, including upgrade awards. Another advantage is that you can earn up to 150 bonus miles for every paid purchase. You can use these miles towards other purchases or redeem them for free tickets.

American Airlines is one of the most preferred Airlines by frequent travelers because of its aadvantage miles programs and a wide range of destinations. With this airline, you can take your family on an unsurpassed journey across the country, or take a romantic escape with your spouse. You can take advantage of the low cost and long distance service of American Airlines. On the other hand, you can earn elite status which is one of the most sought after benefits of any airline.

American Airlines flies to over 50 countries worldwide. It flies to and from: Buenos Aires, Venezuela; Auckland, New Zealand; Calgary, Alberta; Christchurch, New Zealand; Houston, Texas; London, England; Montego Bay, New York; Orlando, Florida; Perth, Australia; and Taipei, Taiwan. Moreover, it can fly to and from any part of the world as per your requirement. It also flies to all major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo. The Company is proud to be one of the leading airlines in the United States. You can book your air tickets online through American Airlines website.

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